Middletown Café

Studio Tate

22 Mar 2017

Muse /mju:z/ (verb, noun): Verb, to consider something thoughtfully. Noun, a person – especially a woman – who is a source of artistic inspiration. Middletown Café is the embodiment of refined style and thoughtful consideration to detail. Designed by Melbourne-based interior architecture practice Studio Tate, the bold yet refined interior is the personification of

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The Standard Café

Jean De Lessard

17 Mar 2017

JEAN DE LESSARD CRÉATIFS has designed for Westmount’s café The Standard, Montréal, a space of symmetry where the minimalistic narrative blends in subtly with the sophisticated look of a period café, thus redefining the codes of such a venue where varieties of Grand Cru coffee and gourmet pastries are served.  After an intense drawing phase, as a result, the

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Circle Line Interiors

02 Mar 2017

Roadhouse restaurant is situated in the industrial town Kamianske in Ukraine - a very calm and family oriented place. Therefore the team at Circle Line made it a priority to include interests for both young clientele and families. This goal was achieved by placing a large glowing bar in one part of the restaurant and kids room in another. Therefore, everyone is happy and no one is in the way of

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The Lodge Bar


01 Mar 2017

Drawing the best from nature has always been engrained in the ethos of the New Zealand mens clothing brand Rodd & Gunn. Pennant & Triumph, the NZ based Architectural & Interiors company knew that utilsing the finest materials available and with a close eye on detail is what had always separated Rodd & Gunn from its competitors and so the award winning firm embraced

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Dean Street Cafe


21 Feb 2017

Dean Street Cafe at Centrepoint by Nina+Co.  On a well trodden path of Soho eateries, there is a new offering doing things a little bit differently. Dean Street Cafe is a sustainable enterprise on many levels: from the seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, to the sourcing of materials & furniture, to helping young people out of the cycle of homelessness. The social

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