Facet Studio

09 Feb 2011

Capturing the essence of Japanese cuisine in the manifold expressions of timber At the back streets of Kings Cross amongst restaurants and pubs, stands the old building which houses Watermoon. The task was to change the original tired pub with a history over 15 years, to a restaurant which enables the enjoyment of Japanese cuisine alongside traditional sake. It was further requested by the

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Waku Ghin Restaurant


12 Jan 2011

Renowned Australian Chef Tetsuya Wakuda brings his culinary vision to restaurant Waku Ghin The 8,000 sq ft space located at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore consists of a sake bar/caviar lounge, four teppanyaki rooms, a main dining room, drawing room and support spaces. The space selected for Waku Ghin was squeezed between the established kitchen area and an adjacent restaurant. The resulting

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Arquitectos Interiores, S.C.P.

11 Jan 2011

Rubik, restaurant bar Nested on the upper level of a shopping plaza, Rubik was conceived as a young but elegant eating-place. The brief was to develop an experience that built upon Merida's new wave of high quality gourmet restaurants, and to attract clientele and make them feel comfortable. The space is outfitted with dark painted walls, carpet and porcelain floors and aluminium

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Koncept Stockholm AB

21 Dec 2010

Åre ski resort rated top ten by Condenast traveller, has now got a 5-star mountain resort. Copperhill Mountain Lodge is an alpine, first-class design hotel, located at 730 m above sea level in Åre. In architecture of world class gathers the enjoyment of all senses, with magnificent views over the mountain world and Åreskutan, all in close proximity to slopes, activities and the

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Rang Mahal Pavilion, Resorts World Sentosa


07 Dec 2010

Rang Mahal Pavillion gives a contempory twist to tradition indian dining Nestled in the luxurious Resorts World Sentosa, Rang Mahal Pavilion serves up authentic Indian cuisine in a traditional setting with a modern twist. The restaurant comprises of a main dining and banquet area, two private function rooms, a kitchen and a restroom. Musical instruments like sitars and flutes make for unique

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