Sea Towers Apartment


26 Oct 2016

A project by meinDESIGN The apartment is located on the 12th floor of the Sea Towers building in the city of  Gdynia, Poland. This is the highest skyscraper in city and at the same time the tallest residential building in Poland. The property is located just 12 meters from the shoreline. The apartment required arrangements which accentuated the biggest attraction of the building: the

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EO arquitectura

14 Oct 2016

The project presents the renovation of an apartment located in a building on the ‘Eixample’ neighbourhood, Barcelona. Originally, the apartment presented a decayed and dark image due to the excessive subdivided rooms. The patio is very narrow and it scarcely receives light. Except for the two rooms next to the main facade, the apartment was barely illuminated by

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Khalkedon House

Escape From Sofa

13 Oct 2016

This penthouse apartment is located in Erenköy, a peaceful spot in Istanbul / Turkey. The layout is combined with two floors  including one dining & living room, a kitchen, two master, one double guest, one  single guest room and a wide terrace space. A contemporary modern style shows itself through every detail in the house. The living space is a blend of minimalistic lines

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Westbourne Gardens

Nimtim Architects

11 Oct 2016

Westbourne Gardens is a first-floor apartment within a grand early-Victorian Terrace facing the triangle of Westbourne Gardens in Royal Oak, West London. The flat is only 45m2 which is less than the current London Housing Design Guide’s minimum for a 1 bedroom flat (50m2). The existing flat had been divided into 3 long, narrow spaces with a false ceiling and none of the original features

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Casa do Rosário


04 Oct 2016

Casa do Rosário had almost everything. A comfortable scale , an appealing compositional structure and a captivating atmosphere. The big challenge was to keep its domestic spirit, refraining from a big design or a deep intervention. Located on Porto's Arts District, one of the most central and dynamic locations in the city, the building, once inhabited by a single family was divided over

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