Mélissa Ohnona Design

07 Feb 2017

Located in Laval, a Montreal suburb, this century old house underwent a complete overhaul of its interior. The owner/designer Mélissa Ohnona wanted to maximise the space as well as the natural light and exterior views from the house, to create a welcoming and functional family home. The space had been renovated in the 90’s, leaving it oddly divided and devoid of any original charm.

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Vivid Colour

Waterfrom Design co. Ltd.

07 Feb 2017

Inspired with paper patterns created by fashion designers for garment making to interpret their imagination, this interior design, taking silhouettes from such patterns, starts dialogues with the young residence owner, a French educated female fashion designer. Just as dress drawings, folding and twisting in pattern making are transformed to clean-cut presentation of sharply defined copper tubing

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Islington Maisonette

Larissa Johnston Architects

03 Feb 2017

Situated in a Conservation Area in Islington, this Victorian maisonette has been reconfigured and extended to create a spacious, light and modern family home. Prior to the alterations, the bedrooms were located to the lower floor which felt dark and enclosed. On the upper floor the kitchen and living room lacked any relationship with the rear external courtyard, which consequently

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Casa Invisibile

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

26 Jan 2017

Casa Invisibile is a flexible housing unit, which consists of a prefabricated wood structure designed for turnkey implementation at any designated site. Maximum flexibility and spatial quality are the key elements in its concept of development. The open layout is structured by a chimney and a wet cell creating three spatial units that provide for

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Petroleum Apartment

Diego Revollo Arquitetura

19 Jan 2017

Welcome to the 90 sqm apartment in a traditional Sao Paulo neighbourhood that was completely renovated to better adapt the new owner: a single young man, business administrator, art and photography enthusiast. "The references he provided did not show rooms or furniture at all. Instead, his own aesthetic universe. His love for the sea, the blue, the green, the petroleum blue" explains Diego

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