Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter b.v.

30 Sep 2010

Villa Berkel in Veenendaal (Netherlands) is built on a site formerly occupied by a bungalow dating from the nineteen seventies. The owners wanted to remodel the bungalow, but decided on the advice of Paul de Ruiter to demolish the bungalow and make room for a completely new design. The woods around the villa are dark, which means it is important to ensure that as much light can enter the house

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27 Sep 2010

A-cero presents its new house located in Las Rozas, one of the wealthiest towns of Madrid. The dwelling's plot has a surface of 1.368m2 with a light slope that A-cero has used in order to adapt the building's three floors: basement, ground floor and first floor. The building's surface is 762,47m2. The pedestrian access is via the ground floor where most of the social rooms are located (living

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Pascal Arquitectos

23 Sep 2010

The core element upon which the spaces were designed is a laminated metal sheet that runs through the bedrooms hallway, the guest washroom, the elevator, and goes around up to the dining room becoming integrating with it too. A bookcase, which is almost , but not quite touching the ceiling, follows the same rules though it’s a perpendicular orientation. These are the only two elements that

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Paul McAneary Architects

17 Sep 2010

The clients requested a large space for their young family’s life. Paul McAneal Architects responded with an open-plan design concept, to remove all of the internal walls of the existing building without any trace of columns nor beams and to create a seamless connection from the entrance right through to the garden. A faceted ceiling-scape was designed to force light deeper into the ground

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Paul Coudamy

16 Sep 2010

French designer Paul Coudamy was faced with the challenge of providing a 23 sq m space with a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing and a working space for an apartment in Paris. The design is based on a work on the porosity of spaces. The booshelf is a mobile block that enables to control the opening of the bed. Its U-shape covers the bed and shapes the room by closing the dressing, the bed or the

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