Pascal Arquitectos

23 Sep 2010

The core element upon which the spaces were designed is a laminated metal sheet that runs through the bedrooms hallway, the guest washroom, the elevator, and goes around up to the dining room becoming integrating with it too. A bookcase, which is almost , but not quite touching the ceiling, follows the same rules though it’s a perpendicular orientation. These are the only two elements that

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Paul McAneary Architects

17 Sep 2010

The clients requested a large space for their young family’s life. Paul McAneal Architects responded with an open-plan design concept, to remove all of the internal walls of the existing building without any trace of columns nor beams and to create a seamless connection from the entrance right through to the garden. A faceted ceiling-scape was designed to force light deeper into the ground

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Paul Coudamy

16 Sep 2010

French designer Paul Coudamy was faced with the challenge of providing a 23 sq m space with a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing and a working space for an apartment in Paris. The design is based on a work on the porosity of spaces. The booshelf is a mobile block that enables to control the opening of the bed. Its U-shape covers the bed and shapes the room by closing the dressing, the bed or the

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Coffinier Ku Design

14 Sep 2010

Coffinier Kudesign’s task was to create a modern oasis in the middle of Soho that incorporates traditional design elements in a contemporary setting. “Our clients purchased a 4300 square foot art gallery with 14 foot ceilings. They are a young couple and had some wonderful dreams about the space. One of the couple grew up in Europe and wanted to incorporate some of a grand flavour of

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Jonathan Woolf architects

10 Sep 2010

Collaboration between Jonathan Woolf architects and Bharat Patel resulted in two typical 1940’s semis in a north London suburb being restructured to create a 7,500 sqft house for an extended family of eleven people. The practice of combining dwellings in this fashion is commonplace in some communities in the UK, although largely on an ad hoc basis and seldom from an architectural standpoint.

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