Zecc Architecten

15 Nov 2010

Rotterdam's Black Pearl Part of a program in Rotterdam to revitalise disadvantaged neighbourhoods, this house was sold to a private individual with the proviso that the property would be restored within a specified period and that it would be transformed into one home. The renovation of the Rotterdam ‘metier house' was an experiment with spectacular results undertaken by Studio Rolf in

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i29 interior architects

15 Nov 2010

HOME 06 by i29 interior architects This residence at the Singel, Amsterdam (NL) exists from one open space where several functions have been put into freestanding objects. The kitchen and wardrobe are placed near the entrance and combined into one single space. The bath and bedroom is concealed into a volume, which is placed at the back of the house. From the open living area you look alongside

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Studio Guilherme Torres

03 Nov 2010

GT HOUSE The design is inspired by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, a Brazilian architect who won the Pritzker prize in 2006, famous for displaying functional mechanisms of a design such as hydraulic and electrical pipes. The young Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres removed all the wall coatings and installed a permanent brick table and couch. The electrical wiring system becomes more evident in the

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28 Oct 2010

Davidclover' s Barker Residence design   At eye-level with the top of IFC, one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong, the Barker Residence holds stunning views of Victoria Harbor. The project is the first of a series of projects designed by davidclovers for a developer of residential properties in Hong Kong. The basic approach is to hone in on the most potent areas of the existing

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Turett Collaborative Architects

25 Oct 2010

Turett Collaborative Architect's Olympic Towers residence The overarching architectural gesture in this dramatic space is the focus on the view and the windows. Polished white quartz floors, complemented by high-gloss ceilings, walls, and lacquered columns keep the focus on the incredible views. Turett's plan pushes all of the services and private program to the interior, toward the building

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