A Pond Full of Ink

Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder Design

07 Jan 2015

The exhibition on the work of the Dutch artist, illustrator and writer Sieb Posthuma, ‘A Pond Full of Ink', was compiled and designed by Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder.   The pair totally transformed the two rooms of the exhibition space in the Letterkundig Museum in The Hague for a large-scale presentation of 240 small and exquisite drawings by illustrator Sieb Posthuma. Partitioning

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Vincent van Gogh Foundation, Alres

Fluor Architecture

09 Dec 2014

The complete renovation of a former private mansion in Arles exactly responded to the Foundation's desire to bring a contemporary perspective on the work of Vincent van Gogh to life.  A completely original artistic project - to summon the genius of Van Gogh through the works of twentieth and twenty-first century artists. A historic place - in the heart of an area painted by the master and

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Ibid. Galleries, London & Los Angeles

Platform for Architecture + Research

05 Dec 2014

PAR has designed new galleries for Ibid. in London and Los Angeles; a successful collaboration with both galleries completed November this year. For Ibid. Gallery in Los Angeles, PAR developed a plan for the international gallery to expand into the historic urban fabric of the Los Angeles Arts District, a low rise area in the eastern part of the city. The neighbourhood is

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tennis en appartement

Benedetto Bufalino

21 Oct 2014

For French artist Benedetto Bufalino, art is a playground for creative exchange. His latest participatory piece rethinks indoor tennis by placing it within the context of a habitable apartment, fitting a faux-grass expanse from floor board to fireplace. From now until October 31st 2014, Bufalino transforms the Interface Gallery in Dijon, France into a functioning and fun sports court, where

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Mathery Studio

26 Aug 2014

The National Gallery of Victoria's Children's Gallery has been given over to the creative talents of Melbourne-based Italian design duo Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli of Mathery Studio. The pair were commissioned to conceptualise and design a new immersive kids space focused on transforming perception surrounding the simple act of drawing. The project has been named ‘Pastello', derived

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