Ljubljana Puppet Theatre


09 Jun 2016

The lobby of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is a space in-between, a world between reality and imagination. Its rich visual design gradually blurs the lines between the two, inviting its young visitors to come in and let go. This is a smaller architectural intervention with minimal financial means. Besides the renovation of the entry, the client’s aim was to add function to the place

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Miyahata Jomon Museum

Furuichi and Associates

20 May 2016

A significant period in early Japanese history, the Jomon Period was around the 10th Century BC. In this period, people lived a hunter gatherer life in the northeast of Japan, and late Jomon ruins have been excavated in Miyahata, Fukushima Prefecture. There have been many significant finds and studies related to the Jomon people over the past 20 years. To accommodate the research, investigation,

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The Molteni Museum


24 Nov 2015

In the year of Expo Milano 2015, the Molteni Group has inaugurated on November 20th the new Molteni Museum, during the Business Culture Week (10-20 November 2015) promoted by Museimpresa, an association that brings together the museums and archives of well-established Italian companies wishing to invest in enhancing their own industrial heritage. Designed by Jasper Morrison, with the images

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Train World


27 Oct 2015

Train World, the new Belgian railway museum was opened on September 25 2015  after ten years of work and an investment of 25 million euros. Lightemotion, whose creative office in Montreal, is pleased to have participated in the lighting of this new past, present and future railway showcase, which exhibits the most beautiful original pieces of the country’s history

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A Pond Full of Ink

Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder Design

07 Jan 2015

The exhibition on the work of the Dutch artist, illustrator and writer Sieb Posthuma, ‘A Pond Full of Ink', was compiled and designed by Ira Koers and Roelof Mulder.   The pair totally transformed the two rooms of the exhibition space in the Letterkundig Museum in The Hague for a large-scale presentation of 240 small and exquisite drawings by illustrator Sieb Posthuma. Partitioning

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