20 Feb 2017

The opening of the new Experimentarium in Hellerup, Copenhagen, lets visitors experience an entirely new architectural setting that brings science and technology into focus – from the illustration of fluid dynamics on the facades, to the spectacular Helix staircase that meets the guests as a shining icon immediately upon passing the main entrance. The copper-clad stairway spirals up

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Café Pearl

Ben & Aja Blanc

16 Jan 2017

Café Pearl is located just inside the RISD Museum’s Benefit Street entrance, situated in the newly named Pearl and Ernest Nathan Gallery—a gift of the Nathan and Gerson families. Operated by Bolt Coffee, Café Pearl offers visitors and passersby a sophisticated yet casual place to gather, relax, and replenish with a thoughtful menu of coffee-based beverages, as

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Nest Experience

tinker imagineers bv

01 Jul 2016

On the occasion of Nestlé’s 150th anniversary Tinker imagineers has designed the family experience nest in Switzerland. An open house with a exhibition area of 3,500 sq. m, located in Vevey at Lake Geneva, in the place where Henri Nestlé established his first factory in 1866. At first Nestlé’s brief was to preserve its industrial and cultural heritage. Tinker

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Ljubljana Puppet Theatre


09 Jun 2016

The lobby of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is a space in-between, a world between reality and imagination. Its rich visual design gradually blurs the lines between the two, inviting its young visitors to come in and let go. This is a smaller architectural intervention with minimal financial means. Besides the renovation of the entry, the client’s aim was to add function to the place

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Miyahata Jomon Museum

Furuichi and Associates

20 May 2016

A significant period in early Japanese history, the Jomon Period was around the 10th Century BC. In this period, people lived a hunter gatherer life in the northeast of Japan, and late Jomon ruins have been excavated in Miyahata, Fukushima Prefecture. There have been many significant finds and studies related to the Jomon people over the past 20 years. To accommodate the research, investigation,

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