Buro Happold

08 Nov 2010

Barbootel Ahoi in Belgium. Moored at the Buda Island on the Leie, which is situated in Heandelskaai the trading Quay of downtown Kortrijk, is a tiny hotel created in a converted boat. A dynamic city of about 80.000 inhabitants, Kortrijk lies in the Belgian Province of West Flanders. Barbootel Ahoi has been converted into an unusual hotel and cafeteria serving drinks and snacks to attract the

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Anouska Hempel Design

11 Oct 2010

New Chapter For Iconic Blakes Hotel Anouska Hempel, backed by a consortium of investors, has re-purchased Blakes Hotel and will shortly unveil a two-year programme of complete refurbishment. "Blakes is widely recognised as the forerunner to the luxury ‘boutique hotel' concept and we are looking forward to restoring it to its former glory" said a spokesperson for Blakes Hotel. The iconic

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Michael Graves & Associates

01 Oct 2010

Hotel Michael, a 470-room boutique hotel named after world renowned designer Michael Graves, has just opened to the public at Singapore's Resorts World Sentosa - a hospitality mega-project planned and designed by Graves' firms Michael Graves & Associates (MGA) and Michael Graves Design Group (MGDG) under the direction of Principal Patrick Burke, AIA. Fully outfitted with Graves homewares and

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16 Sep 2010

Hotel Sorella is the “jewel” of CITYCENTRE, a pedestrian-oriented mixed-use development that replaces an obsolete Houston shopping mall. The 244-key hotel is situated at the intersection of pedestrian paths and vistas and serves as the backdrop to a new urban park, providing a destination and hub of activity for residents and visitors. The hotel opened in 2009 in the midst of the economic

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A++ srl

26 Jul 2010

The Arion Resort & Spa which was inaugurated on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Astir Palace Hotel, is located at an altitude of -1 compared to the entrance of the main body of the hotel and enjoys the spectacular sea views of the peninsula Vouliagmeni. The Spa, with two entrances, covers an area of 1300 sq m divided into three different areas: swimming pool, gym,

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