Fosbury & Sons

Going East

03 Jan 2017

Fosbury & Sons has taken up residence in the WATT-tower in Antwerp, a building by legendary modernist architect Léon Stynen. On the impressive first floor Fosbury & Sons founders Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool have launched a new and high-quality way of working, 'the renaissance of work', focussing on the needs of today's generation. Fosbury &

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20 Dec 2016

It consists of a cafe located in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood in Barcelona where Cristina and Mariona were asked for a pure and cosy atmosphere. They wanted a flexible space, available for any age and timings. It's a space with incoming light through 3 room sides and has a rectangular shape where the staff area is placed at the end of the room, separated by a perforated drywall divisor,

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London Stadium


12 Oct 2016

20.20 has been involved in the transformation of the former Olympic Stadium in Stratford since January 2014. The team’s brief was to create hospitality areas suitable for its existing numerous stakeholders, including West Ham United Football Club, UK Athletics, the Borough Council and the various sporting and music events that the stadium will host. Combined, the spaces cover 3840 sq m and

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On Office

Brunner Mettler Co

02 Sep 2016

The Swiss running company On keeps everybody in flow at their new Zurich office. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Designer Thilo Alex Brunner and On Co-Founder David Allemann developed the design of the award-winning Swiss running shoe. With On’s move to a new location in the upcoming West end of Zurich, Brunner Mettler Co. and On took a fresh look at office design. While

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A Warm Clinic


25 Aug 2016

Dental clinic is not a happy place to go, or we should say, no clinic could make people feel happy: the cold registration desk, the worrisome waiting chairs and the disturbing doors of the clinic rooms; the whole space is filled with a sense of distrust between doctors and patients. However, from spiritual aspect, clinic should be a place which brings hope, or at least should be a warm

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