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A++ srl

20 Jul 2010

On Via Melzot, a street hidden behind the circle of bastions of Milan is positioned a new art gallery, where it is thought that no one will stumble upon without a very specific reason. This corner houses the new gallery of art dealer Alexander Zodo, which some consider to be one of the most innovative in Milan. It is not to expositions but to as the space itself, or rather the innovative concept

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Palace of International Forums

Ippolito Fleitz Group

15 Jul 2010

A cosmopolitan, communicative interior for Uzbekistan's most important representative building The Palace of International Forums, Uzbekistan stands on Amir Timur Square in the very centre of Tashkent. The country's most important representative building is designed as a platform for hosting acts of state, congresses, conferences and other cultural highlights. Our task was to give the interior a

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MVE Institutional

11 Jun 2010

MVE Institutional Inc. of Irvine, CA, won top honours in the 'Inspired by Moz' photo competition for a dramatic overhead canopy at Ocean Grill, a vibrant and trendy student restaurant in the Sandhu Dining Hall at Chapman College in Orange, CA. The winning entry features an iridescent royal blue Moz Tides 'waves' that emulates the shimmering waters of the Pacific. The canopy was constructed from

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Andre Kikoski Architects

04 Jun 2010

Andre Kikoski Architects have been awarded the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design after their design for The Wright at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, with the New York Times stating 'The Wright at the Guggenheim is striking, impressive visually and elegant'. The 1,600 sq ft space is a testament to Kikoski’s inventive, dramatic style, fusing sculptural elements

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Checkland Kindleysides

26 May 2010

Checkland Kindleysides’s re-launch of Levi’s UK Flagship store on Regent Street in London is based on a journey through an artisan’s working environment. Through two sets of huge factory doors visitors enter the main body of the store, which has been designed to have a clean and industrial look and feel, whilst a ‘courtyard’ transition space has been created to showcase exclusive

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