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Omar’s Place

Sella Concept

13 Apr 2018

Designers, Sella Concept and architecture consultancy, Wilson Holloway have collaborated to create a new London eatery, Omar’s Place in Pimlico. The restaurant, which opened in March 2018, takes its name from its Egyptian proprietor, Omar Shabaan, who comes from a long line of restaurateurs and hoteliers.  Twelve months ago, Omar was stood in a Grade II listed, disused Victorian pub

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CREC co-working space

CASA Solo Arquitectos SLP

11 Apr 2018

Crec Eixample is the second co-working space designed by CaSA for CREC, one of Barcelona’s leading co-working providers. Located in close proximity to the central Plaza Catalunya, its 700sq m of space, split between street level and basement level, provides a wide variety of working environments to suit the differing needs of over 110 people. Formerly an office canteen, the premises have

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Salazon and SoulBytes

Ushers By Design

11 Apr 2018

Caroline Usher of Ushers By Design is widely considered to be at the forefront of raising Bali’s profile in the ranks of Asia’s dining and design scene. She has recently created interiors for two new culinary hotspots on the island which aim to ‘truly raise the bar’. The first is a wood-fire restaurant called Salazon; the second, SoulBytes, is described appropriately as

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Hixx fashion store


06 Apr 2018

Antwerp-based experimental concept agency, Nightingale, has again teamed up with Luxembourg-based retailer, Asport, this time to redesign their main fashion store, Hixx. (They previously worked together on Asport’s Scoop (86) Sneaker store, also in Luxembourg.)  Going beyond traditional ‘brand by brand’ shop layouts, for Hixx the concept of ‘a styleparc’ was

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A - rnd Studio

04 Apr 2018

Kudu is a new, 52-cover restaurant in Peckham, south-east London serving modern European food with a distinctive South African twist, courtesy of chef/owner Patrick Williams who hails from that country. Front of house is William’s partner, Amy Corbin,  And it is quite a house to be at the front of. The unusual interior design has been curated by Milanese designer, Alessio Nardi of

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