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Black Box Gym

Horus Architectural Design

28 Mar 2017

Black Box Gym by Horus Architectural Design (HAD) & Epos Architects. Viewed from the street, the Black Box Gym appeared to be white! The project is formed by a group of open white boxes, harmoniously situated in an unused land of an aging urban community. It features steel beam-to-column, corrugated steel and perforated steel plates, which are widely applied in temporary architecture. The

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One Avenue Tianyuan Show Flats


27 Mar 2017

Designed by Aedas Interiors, One Avenue Tianyuan Show Flats in Shenzhen, China, represents a new, understated luxury through its haute, unique design with sophisticated details, sense of space as well as delicate lighting and materials. The design translated the new luxury with elements of Parisian chic, elegance and romance in an European contemporary flair. Clean lines and geometrical spatial

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Lim + Lu

23 Mar 2017

Lim + Lu, the young New York-born multidisciplinary design practice, announced the completion of their restaurant project- KASA. Located in the Central district of Hong Kong, Kasa is the latest addition to Wellington Street’s busy lunch hour options. The Client’s brief was simple and concise: “Healthy, take away, fusion cuisine.” Lim + Lu’s design concept for KASA

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City Inn

Chu Chih Kang Space Design

22 Mar 2017

City Inn is located on the opposite site of historical attraction area - Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu. The client wanted to renovate it with limited budget. Designer Chu Chih-Kang expressed the concept, “Chengdu is a cultural city. Kuanzhai Alley is integrated with present and past of Chengdu. The concept is to transfer the hotel into a modern art gallery. To make people see the history of

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Middletown Café

Studio Tate

22 Mar 2017

Muse /mju:z/ (verb, noun): Verb, to consider something thoughtfully. Noun, a person – especially a woman – who is a source of artistic inspiration. Middletown Café is the embodiment of refined style and thoughtful consideration to detail. Designed by Melbourne-based interior architecture practice Studio Tate, the bold yet refined interior is the personification of

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