I TO NIJE SVE! Creative Agency
Wednesday 20 Sep 2017


I TO NIJE SVE!, an advertising agency from Zagreb, Croatia, has one mantra – smart advertising with smart people in a smart office. Almost 2 months ago they moved into exactly that kind of office. 

On approximately 430 square metres, in the western part of Zagreb, everything has been adjusted and suited to the cooperation and communication between the people in the office. It is very important for the creative agency to break old habits at work: you come, sit at your place and work.

I TO NIJE SVE! wanted to build a culture of open communication, thinking things through and constructive feedback. So the biggest part of their office is open space, where all staff can sit together; designer next to copywriter who sits vis-a-vis a junior editor. Which is how the agency encourages sharing and helping.

Thanks to the height of the ceiling (4.7metres tall) most of the thinking part of their work happens in specialised boxes which they themselves constructed. The containers are made of steel, osb (oriented strand board) and glass, on a height of approximately 2.2 metres. Decorated with just a few chairs and a writing board, they make a perfect place for everybody to talk about a project, brainstorm, design think or just think. 

When the company first entered the space, it was just empty walls and dust, but right from the start, the firm knew that this is what they had been searching for as their new office space. Due to the "just walls and dust" phase of the construction, the agency had the opportunity to design the office on their own, from the very beginning. Main investors allowed them involvement in all phases of work.

Many creative ideas started to boil inside everyone at the agency, and all engaged themselves around all aspects of the interior design of the future office. They gained professional help when they hired a young and very talented architect who got their vision of the office right from the get go. 

The space itself is dominated by simple materials: steel, glass, wood, concrete and old bricks. Guided by the basic principles of construction, I TO NIJE SVE! tried to get a more creative and unique office. From basic, raw materials combined with colours, lighting and a multitude of plants, they tried to get an office that is far from raw. It was a game of contrasts - an Industrial Office Complemented with Organic Herbs.

Each part of the workspace has got its own playing corner, such as ping-pong, basketball court, gaming zone, chess zone, and the whole building is certified with A energetic certificate, air conditioning, optical internet, bricks and ribbed ceiling. Since there is a lot of ribbed metal sheets the sound in the office is well absorbed and there isn't the feeling that you are in a space with a lot of people. Somehow, everything got together and the space became one of the highest quality on the market.