House on Prenzlauer Berg
Wednesday 06 Sep 2017


The design of a newly built home in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin has used furniture designed and made by Loft Kolasinski: a bed, a chaise longue, a table, a bench and hangers. In addition, the project uses unique furniture, lighting and vintage carpets from the 50s, 60s originating from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Poland, and the unique graphics of the Polish artist Stanislaw Dawski dating back to the 1950s and the painting by the Brazilian painter Aecio Sarti. The unique detail of the equipment is made by traditional Polish pottery clay dishes and pots.

Studio "Loft Kolasinski" does interior designs for private and public spaces, as well as industrial design. They have worked on many unusual properties, such as the adaptation of industrial buildings, attics and old houses.  For their clients they design and produce bespoke high quality, wooden furniture. The studio also do unique carpet designs which are hand woven in Nepal. Loft Kolasinski specialise in finding and acquiring exceptional furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints and vintage rugs. When restoring furniture, they pay special attention to preserve the original character of the object. Loft Kolasinski always try to cooperate with specialists in rare fields in order to be able to offer unique and customised interior projects.

Loft Kolasiński