Thursday 29 Jun 2017


Purobrut is an experimental Project. The innovative effort has been focused in obtaining a pilot model of hybridation of concepts. The inspirational sources have been the ways by which other commercial sectors run, the handicrafts of the gourmet product and the way of showing the product that is used by the e-commerce.

Purobrut is a source of imagination and innovation, it’s a showroom more than a store and it anticipates into the food sector, concepts of commercial space, which are present in sectors such as fashion or automotive. The products appear as pieces of art in this madrilenian showcase. These gourmet pieces are organized as elements that disserve a place to be observed, valued and perhaps, chosen by the customer. From the street, the stage invites through curiosity, and promotes the spontaneous action of entering to know the interior of the establishment.

This individualized space for each piece, is an off-line proposal inspired on the e-commerce, where each product is exposed individually and is also highlighted.

Everything on the design is related to the great craftsmen, which combine a mixture of powerful natural materials, with a transformation and an innovative application.

The space incorporates a dynamic coating which evokes movement, surprise and change. The design is a geometric full and empty game, which extends its limits, blurring the hexagon frame.

However, the deliberated setback of the expositive elements behind the slate, and Wooden panel, smooth the vertical panels, radically increasing the spatial amplitude, in contrast with traditional expositive outgoing elements.

The hexagon frames draw a visual creative route, which catches customer’s eyes. However, the neutral colours and the raw aspect of the slate and plywood panels, have been deliberately chosen, in order to keep attention centred, into the exposed product. The individualized illumination of the spaces makes the rest.

Singularq Architecture Lab