Thursday 08 Jun 2017


The brief for this project requested a comfortable space with a home feeling and at the same time being a creative space to work in. The space was designed for a team of 6/7 people, with a quiet working area, meeting/skype area, lounge, kitchenette and bathroom.

The Headquarters for PURE, a hookup mobile app, is integrated in a set of buildings from Promontório architects, a mixed-use development with housing, retail and offices, built in 2011.

On the ground floor level, facing the blocks inner courtyards, small offices were left in rough for finishing with only a small bathroom. The copper window frames have been preserved since they are part of a global project. The structure that existed in the space was integrated into the volume of the kitchenette dividing the lounge from this area.

The bathroom location was left in the same place (for maintenance of the infrastructures) but its layout and area was radically altered. The ceiling was lowered to absorb some elements of infrastructure and relates to the height of the existing window frames.

The materials used were mainly the “gold” fabric of the curtains (crucial element of the voyeurism theme intended on the project), the birch plywood in the walls, furniture (sofa, tables, cabinets, shelves) and natural fiber carpet on the lounge floor. All materials were chosen in order to have a comfortable and cohesive space. 

The addition of a mirror facing the outside has been thought in order to bring the green and natural light of the existing courtyard.

In the entrance, work and meeting areas are more practical and industrial pavement- concrete floor. 

The kitchenette and bathroom areas also have a different pavement - Hydraulic mosaic – with a pattern chosen in order to create a relation between the chosen furniture and the PURE image and logo.