Monday 27 Feb 2017


Situated at one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Münster – the green ring road called “Promenade“ – the “Mauritzhof“ hotel constitutes  the interface between Münster’s historic city centre and the new town areas. At the same time, it is a prominent point for any visitors to Münster arriving from the East. As a consequence, the architectural conception creates a welcoming, warm, as well as a purposefully inviting atmosphere.

The challenge of remodelling the existing building and of extending it by two full storeys is met by using a homogeneous natural stone front for the exterior design, supported by a formal window design with vertical pilaster strips. On the rear side of the building, which points towards the “Promenade“, balconies and the overhanging suite of rooms make up a very special eye-catcher.

Thus, the new building cover conveys a value that symbolizes the Westphalian way of life and runs like a golden thread through the entire interior design. Clear structures, a reduced number of materials and surfaces, as well as a range of muted colours provide for a calm and high-grade atmosphere which, at the same time, exudes a great sense of cosiness. In this manner, the warm autonomy of the building is reflected in each room and in each functionality: it is about getting a sense of boutique instead of being driven by purely budget –oriented decisions, getting the impression of actually coming home instead of just putting up at any accommodation facility, experiencing true pleasure instead of merely consuming something, giving a sense of identification and true connection instead of isolation and substitution.   

Photo Credit: Steve Herud, Berlin