Monday 06 Feb 2017's office regional headquarters in Zagreb needed to intertwine the nature of as the world's best known tourist agency with the city of Zagreb as the up-and-coming tourist location. The space needed to be comfortable for work and encourage communication and collaboration. The office is one integral circular space reminiscent of travel, mobility and interconnection. Even though it functions as a whole, it's divided into two zones – one for individual work, the other for meetings, socialising and relaxation.

The first «working» zone has neutral surfaces enriched with details employees fill in themselves, such as writable walls or lockers. The second «socialising» zone is more colourful, filled with Zagreb motifs: street number plates, yellow sheeting resembling the city facades, socialist tin can building surfaces, city skyline graphics etc. Employees get together around a grand community lunch table, in a cozy coffee corner, at the tram track meeting points with gliding tables, or in more private «rafts» dressed up in red Šestine umbrella design – one of the best known symbols of Zagreb.

The iconic Zagreb meeting place, the city square watch, is also here, and it's the place to meet quests of course, at the very entrance. The first thing guests see are the Old Town roof tiles, one of the iconic symbols of Zagreb.