Thursday 02 Feb 2017


Global advertising agency, Publicis, commissioned the architect to design their new North America headquarters in NYC. Located adjacent to Times Square, the 190,000 SF space spans eight contiguous floors, providing an opportunity to unite their three flourishing offices scattered across Manhattan.

In an effort to create a strong creative identity for Publicis, we proposed breaking the traditional mold of the skyscraper by dematerializing the building core. This works to create continuity on all floors, connecting their 1200 employees as one organic working community. To eliminate silos and encourage movement we proposed cutting large new atria and adding a stair that connects all eight levels. The concept of a tree extending through all eight floors informs the architectural language of the space - from fragmentation of the building core to branch like ceiling conditions. To foster their collaborative culture, the agency was engaged in an iterative dialogue to establish destinations on each of the eight floors. Spaces such as the plaza, pub, multi-use space, and home room provide opportunities to bring the Publicis community together, encourage spontaneous interactions, and cultivate knowledge sharing.

The client experience was thoughtfully designed to showcase the unique culture and experience that Publicis offers. This curated procession begins upon entry into a vibrant light filled multi-floor atrium showcasing the collaborative spirit of Publicis. The host greets you and offers a beverage from the adjacent barista bar, undoubtedly populated with employees. The gallery for showcasing agency work is within your line of site and introduces you to open office as you circle around its sculpted form. The client experience proceeds to the raised platform with inviting lounge areas where the boardroom too is elevated to highlight Hudson River views.

Activity Based Working at Publicis

Early on, this progressive agency embraced Activity Based Working (ABW) for their new space. This method of mobile working empowers users by supporting varying work styles with a wide range of settings. By breaking down the borders of a traditional office and desk ownership, users can leverage the diversity of collaborative activity within their neighborhoods. Each neighborhood (or business group) is designed to be self-sustaining with all of the tools necessary to support daily tasks. This open, interactive and collaborative environment will challenge Publicis to remain the premier creative agency and will allow them to expand intelligently in the future.


Clive Wilkinson Architects

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