Dyson Demo Store
Tuesday 24 Jan 2017


The UK’s first Dyson Demo officially opened today on London’s Oxford Street.  The concept store, conceived by Sir James Dyson and WilkinsonEyre is the most recent addition to a growing number of Dyson Demo spaces planned for other major cities around the world.

It offers a unique gallery-like experience where products are displayed on plinths like artworks, while technical information is communicated on video walls.  The 200m² space offers an experience that goes beyond product display, and celebrates the design, engineering and innovation of Dyson products. Customers are able to access a wide variety of information, from the initial conceptual ideas to details of the innovative technology that makes Dyson products. 

Chris Wilkinson, Founding Director at WilkinsonEyre said:

"It is terrific to see the completion of the first Dyson Demo in London. Working closely with the Dyson team we have created an exciting and dynamic new space that is much more than a shop, it is a destination where you can test the products and explore the way they work.

Working with James has allowed my team and I to design spaces that truly reflect the values and ethos of Dyson. From the DC01 production line in Chippenham, the Malmesbury campus, the Paris Showroom, and now the new Dyson Demo on Oxford Street; we have continuously strived to design spaces for the company that fit its purpose. There is great continuity."

WilkinsonEyre designed the first Dyson showroom in Paris back in December 2000, which pioneered the concept of displaying the Dyson vacuum cleaners like sculptures in a gallery. With the success of the Paris showroom, WilkinsonEyre worked closely with the Dyson team to develop the concept for Dyson Demo in London. They contributed to the store’s conceptual development and worked on the space layout, entrance façade and, with Atelier One, added a dramatic backlit white glass feature staircase.

The products are displayed across two floors linked by the backlit white glass stair, which glows in the black space.  The upper floor is set back to provide a double height entrance space and the mezzanine incorporates a glazed balustrade balanced on a sharp chamfered soffit, allowing visual connections from the first floor to Oxford Street and Selfridges.

On both floors, a continuous line of video screens along the walls show exciting films and images of Dyson products, immersing visitors in the experience  and uplifting them beyond the everyday.

Wilkinson Eyre Architects