Friday 20 Jan 2017


Next is an exhibition realised by Peter Kogler, an internationally renowned Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna (Austria). The immersive exhibition features a panorama of his extensive work, ranging from earlier to recent creations. It illustrates the ongoing forward momentum of an artist in a process of continual reinvention.

For this exhibition, Peter Kogler has created several new art and video works. Visitors will experience this Belgian première as a new type of multimedia exhibition realised by an artist who has fully appropriated the ING Art Center. This will coincide with the 30th anniversary of this key cultural venue in Brussels.

Peter Kogler's computer-generated works are imbued with modern vocabulary and trends. Over his near 30-year career, he has forged a very specific art form through a constant stream of variations on a series of recurring motifs. From floor to ceiling and in every nook and cranny, Peter Kogler has taken full possession of the ING Art Center with his interlaced lines generated by computer and printed on vinyl. His mesh work fills the architectural space, transforming the venue by bringing it a fresh new dynamic.

The vibrant lines tighten then relax, intersect and interlace, forming generous wave-like movements that evoke the dynamic of today's changing society. Visitors will feel attracted, driven forward, and even slightly destabilised.

Through their obsessive aspects, Kogler's works effortlessly renew psychic content – which comes as no surprise, as it was in Vienna, the artist's home town, that psychoanalysis was born. It was also in Vienna that questions about ornamentation were posed with the greatest acuteness.

In this new environment, Peter Kogler adds canvases, drawings and collages, together with weaves and everyday furniture such as tables and benches that he creates himself, drawing on his 30-year career as an artist. These last items highlight his elaborate view of sculpture and its constituent components, providing a new experience of space.

The artist's ants, brain, globe, light bulb and interlacings express his artistic vocabulary, naturally with variations but always purely rendered. These components strike the viewer as metaphors of a world in constant transformation.

For the next exhibition, the artist has created a new symbol, an arm with a forward pointed finger, conveying the unceasing possibilities of the creative man. It is the hand of the creator in perpetual action and flux. Hence the vibrant and energetic name of the show: next. By the same token, next echoes ING’s will to always think forward, and reveals its ambition to help each visitor stay a step ahead in life.

The exhibition features two video installations in firmly delineated spaces. The projection of images of rats in a labyrinth in a confined space serves as a metaphor of individuals lost in the maze of a computerised world. Equally powerful is the experience in the large video space, where Peter Kogler has created a new animation that for the first time uses the four walls as much as the floor of the venue. Visitors are transported by sound and moving images to a state between vertigo and levitation. They become mindful of the need to think in dynamic flows that activate thought and energies. In Brussels, Peter Kogler will confirm his reputation as a virtuoso of synchronised video projection.


Peter Kogler