Petroleum Apartment
Thursday 19 Jan 2017


Welcome to the 90 sqm apartment in a traditional Sao Paulo neighbourhood that was completely renovated to better adapt the new owner: a single young man, business administrator, art and photography enthusiast.

"The references he provided did not show rooms or furniture at all. Instead, his own aesthetic universe. His love for the sea, the blue, the green, the petroleum blue" explains Diego Revollo.

Everything in the apartment became very pratical and comfortable after the radical renovation, according to the resident himself. There was nothing left of the original configuration, quite compartmentalised, that should, necessarily, be maintained.

Diego Revollo emphasised the integration of spaces and reduced the numbers of compartments, eliminated one of the bedrooms to expand the living room and opened the kitchen completely, without any doors. Thus expanded with the elimination of one of the bedrooms, the original living room grew, becoming one large integrated space. The former restroom incorporated part of the maid's dormitory while the rest opened up space for the creation of a small home office. 

With walls and ceiling coated in light grey, honey coloured wood flooring and part of the carpentry done in the same tone a sophisticated base to the decoration was created. However, what stands out in this apartment is the emphasis given to the petroleum blue colour. 

Another high point of the project is the carpentry, which becomes even more evident in the wet areas. Diego Revollo abandoned the traditional bathroom layout:besides the wooden floor, he provided the rooms with sinks positioned over dressers, with a slight retro look, resembling furniture, making the whole set much more harmonious. 

Diego Revollo Arquitetura

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