Tuesday 20 Dec 2016


It consists of a cafe located in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood in Barcelona where Cristina and Mariona were asked for a pure and cosy atmosphere. They wanted a flexible space, available for any age and timings.

It's a space with incoming light through 3 room sides and has a rectangular shape where the staff area is placed at the end of the room, separated by a perforated drywall divisor, like the ceiling designed to achieve a warm acoustic, aesthetic and for the diverse application of the graphics.  

The two designers aimed to reach the visual warmth by a strong colour; maroon, applied in all the flooring and bar so we could leave the rest in white to capture the incoming light from the room; walls and ceiling. 

The third element and last but not least of the design, is the fir's wood applied in all the furniture designed by Cirera+Espinet. They wanted to achieve uniformity and proximity through the material applied in the furniture, a combination of perimetrical benches; the tables and stools all exclusively designed for the space.