On Office
Friday 02 Sep 2016


The Swiss running company On keeps everybody in flow at their new Zurich office. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Designer Thilo Alex Brunner and On Co-Founder David Allemann developed the design of the award-winning Swiss running shoe. With On’s move to a new location in the upcoming West end of Zurich, Brunner Mettler Co. and On took a fresh look at office design.

While common sense optimizes for short distances in the office, they took a different route. Looking at the long-stretched layout of the new building, the team that designs running shoes optimized for the longest distance possible. The On office is stretched out along a main pathway of more than 100 metres (300 feet).

This keeps the whole team in constant flow. From the last office desk in one end to the communal kitchen and showers in the opposite end. From free-flow standing meetings to splendid isolation in temporary single-workstations. From hydrating at the water wall to a deep inhale in the indoor-garden. From helping an athlete with shoe fitting in the product-space to fetching a delivery in the mailroom. From the bodyweight-gym to the real gym: the outdoor running track. Along the route, the whole team is lined up. An eye contact and a smile here, a brief conversation there.

In fact, the whole On office has no dividing walls, no pre-assigned seating. With one exception: the On Lab is sealed off. This is where the On engineers and designers work on next level running shoes for the future.

At the end of the day, On team members log an average 2-3 km or more than a marathon as a combined team. And even more important, they experience casual encounters and a level of team-interaction that would not have happened otherwise. At On, there are no short cuts, just flow.

Brunner Mettler Co