Hotel Panache
Friday 05 Aug 2016


The Panache is quintessentially Parisian. Imbued with a strong character, it confidently assumes its quirkiness, relentlessly attentive to style. 40 guest rooms, spread over seven floors, no two are identical, yet all share the same color scheme - navy blue, forest green, and anthracite grey on white – that adorns walls hung with brass picture rails.

It is a hotel with many points of view – winding here, moving straight ahead there, and sliding on rounded edges. Behind each door is a different experience – the journey of an evening. Each floor boasts rooms designed for families and corner rooms with bathtubs and balconies with views. The first floor is home to a surreal capsule apartment complete with patio and garden. Just under the roof is the hotel’s exclusive suite.


Interior design by Dorothée Meilichzon

Not one to rely on easy repetition, Dorothée Meilichzon presents her fourth Parisian hotel design with The Panache. Taking inspiration from the Flatiron Building in New York City – an icon in terms of corner buildings – the designer has set the walls to the rhythms of geometric prints, arrows, and scattered fetishes. She has played with lines by installing a carpet with a mini triangle motif. Guests are caught off-guard with surprising mirror installations on the desks and bedside tables. It is new modernity tinged with a slightly retro Parisian accent.

The guest rooms are perfumed with Art Nouveau. Lit by luminous globes serving as reading lights, statement headboards, the designer’s personal passion, made of turned steel and caning in an homage to the 1900s also serve to decorate. The detailed style of “yesteryear” is found in the ceramic light switches, reminiscent of the 20s, in the old telephone replicas of the Ericsson 1931, the famous “black telephone”, and in the chairs hunted down in flea markets in the spirit of Guariche and reupholstered…

Dorothée Meilichzon

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