Monday 18 Jan 2016


Côte&Ciel is inspired by the complementary clash between coast (côte) and sky(ciel).

Linehouse’s interpretation visualises the collision of these twoelements in various ways:nature vs urbanity, inside vs outside, and reflective vs matt.

The site in Hong Kong, on Tung Street in Sheung Wan was designed to contain two double height spaces; one at the entranceand one at the back where a garden was inserted.These two spaces were filled with a vertical field of metal poles which serve as a perpendicularconnection between the elements. The poles have a horizontal and vertical gradient from rough to polished finish. Vertically,a datum of polishedstainlesssteeldefine thehigh levelof the poles and rough finish at lower level.

The façade featuresa horizontal gradient, composed of different finishes of metal;polished stainless steel, brushed steel, raw steel and black metal. The poles operate as an apparatus for display with suspended exhibition boxes contained within,and mirrors and hooks are used for bag display.The intermediary retail space between the elemental installations isclad in grey bush hammered basalt stone. The bag display fixtures are designed with black lava stone, black metal andperforated stainless steel.

Custom lighting is made of polished stainless steel and tube lighting. Finally,the cashier desk isclad in a grey Balmes stone complimented with stainless steel inserts.

Year of completion:2015

Architect: Linehouse

Area: 61sqm

Location: Hong Kong

Address: 45 TungStreet, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Photographer:Hoshing Mok

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