Complexe Desjardins
Wednesday 25 Mar 2015


A new custom lighting design developed by Montreal based Lightemotion has made its mark in downtown Montreal. Working closely with the facilities team at Complexe Desjardins, Lightemotion has breathed new life into Montreal's largest mixed use development, totalling 4 million square feet.

Lightemotion was selected to develop a distinctive new lighting scheme to create a warmer overall ambiance, be dynamic and programmable, reduce heating and cooling costs and produce a call to action from the street so pedestrians will enter the complex. One of the main features of the design is the ability for the client to create programmable and dynamic lighting effects that adapt to the time of day, season and activity within the space. Environmental sustainability was also paramount in the lighting program to reduce hydro consumption, cooling and maintenance costs.

Lightemotion undertook an exhaustive research and mock-up program that recommended replacing the existing flood lights with a custom designed fixture. They conceived a bi-directional 140 watt LED lighting fixture that showcased the unique diamond coffered ceiling combined with a powerful down light to illuminate the entire shopping centre, adding much needed texture and nuance to the space. This also created a unique floor pattern which enlivened and also diminished the vastness of the space.  “This lighting system not only provides a warmer ambience, with pre-programmed lighting that changes over the course of the day, but it is 67% more economical than the previous system and provides triple the lighting intensity at floor level” explains François Roupinian, the founder and president of Lightemotion.

Another unique feature of this lighting project is 'The Urban Clock.' Since the Complex is both an event space and shopping centre, there was a mandate to ensure the new fixtures provided a wide range of visual options. After a careful study of the traffic patterns based on time of day and activity, Lightemotion developed the 'Urban Clock' concept which uses a programmable DMX system to adapt the colours, tones, intensity and colour temperature. Mornings were a bright and energetic dynamic white scheme to help people start their day. For the lunch time rush warm colour tones were added to provide a luminotherapy effect, especially in the darker autumn and winter months, and at night darker tones in blues and greens were selected to create a relaxing ambience for shopping. The custom fixtures were also used outside at each of the build¬ing’s entrances. By utilizing the same design principles and technologies as inside, the entrance lighting system projects onto the sidewalk creating a chromatic coloured atmosphere which compliments the lighting display inside and welcomes the customers in.


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