Rocksalt Bistro & Winebar
Friday 27 Feb 2015


Opened this year in Sliema, Malta, the Rocksalt Bistro & Winebar is a new meeting place for those who love good wine, traditional food and fine cuisine.

The interiors, designed by the Maltese architectural Studio Daaa Haus, are decorated in a minimalist style with clean lines and dark tones. This design aesthetic is reflected in the seats and tables selected from a collection from the Italian company Pedrali. Rock Salt’s interior is focused on a minimalist style, with a clean visual throughout. The subtly lit interior creates a calming yet distinctive environment; signature lighting highlights the bar area, giving focus to the wide range of wines and gourmet food on offer.

The Babila and Volt stools, the Tivoli chairs and Stylus tables by Pedrali are perfectly integrated into the bistro’s innovative concept, creating a stylish and welcoming atmosphere. "We wanted some plain and elegant furnishings to emphasize the quality of our project. The Babila, Volt, Tivoli and Stylus products perfectly meet these requirements and ensure high standards" says the Project Manager Architect Keith Pillow.

From the wood cladding on the entrance to the quirky off kilter lamp-shades that cast soft lighting across the dining area, Daaa Haus has created a wonderful meeting area for patrons seeking a relaxed and sophisticated evening’s dining.

Daaa Haus