Enzo Office Gallery
Friday 12 Dec 2014


Japanese architect Ogawa Sekkei has created a gallery and office/living space, renovating a rental property located near to the central area of Gifu city by Nagara River.

As the property is rented, the renovation had to focus on wall, floor and ceiling finishes as opposed to changing section plans to create new spaces. It was decided that the first floor would act as the gallery, for the client, a landscape architect, to present his artworks, while the second floor would be the office and living area.

The walls were stripped away and a glass screen inserted at the end of the gallery space. This sits back from the outer wall, leaving space for a narrow strip of landscaping, filled in with pebbles that acts as a ‘river stone garden'. A Japanese cypress fence is also built in behind this, as well as a shade made from Japanese shoji paper that partially covers the glass screen and directs one's line of sight straight to the garden.  

On the second floor, existing partition walls and hanging walls have been removed to expose the structure. Lauan plywood is used to panel the ceiling and walls, finished with black ink (sumi) or stained with white oil that leaves the wood grain exposed. The floor is tiled with grey carpet. A set of sliding wooden doors provide entry to the lounge area, with a hammock strung from one corner.

Sekkei comments on his design: "The space is aimed to contain the disorder of existing parts, newly established parts, and furnishings for the office, hoping that diverse materials in many different relations will invoke complexity and depth into the experiencing space."

Ogawa Sekkei