Tuesday 28 Oct 2014


Baines&Fricker have just completed their latest project; an ethical and functional interior for Silo, the UK's first zero-waste restaurant.

The eatery is based in Brighton and describes itself as a pre-industrial food system that generates zero waste. The team mill their own flour, make yoghurt, roll oats, bake bread, brew vinegar and beer, culture cream, grow mushrooms and cure meat. They deal directly with local farmers where possible and all that doesn't get consumed is composted in-house.

The environmentally conscious establishment were in need of an equally conscious design company, and Baines&Fricker fit the bill perfectly as a local business with a passion for ‘long-lasting design' and ‘an ability to elevate the mundane and unremarkable'.

The founder of Silo, 27-year old chef Douglas McMaster, wanted an overall design that was pure, raw, undone and in keeping with the philosophy of his food. Using a local non-profit making community project who ‘use and share unwanted goods', Baines&Fricker repurposed old school tables and used office floor insulation to make tables and bench seating. These designs are coupled with modular stools and chairs made from sterling board (OSB).

Everything was produced from abundant readily available materials and follows the restaurant's belief in using everything and using the overlooked. The resulting interiors are honest and minimalistic, in keeping with a simple, nourishing menu and authentic concept that will be a welcome addition to the Brighton food scene.