Private House, Rue du château
Friday 26 Sep 2014


Equally comfortable in design, realisation and construction, architect Julie Ros­ier enjoys designing ideal spaces, customised to her clients' image. Among many projects, the redevelopment of a full Parisian duplex in the 14th district of Paris gave Rosier the opportunity to exercise her tal­ent by upgrading and optimising the entire space.

Playing the card of creativity, Rosier opted for a total reversal and com­pletely turned the norm of the house interior upside down along with the routine of its occupants. The kitchen and living room have been relo­cated to the first floor and the bedroom and bathroom are now on the ground floor, providing more light, softened by their location towards the backyard.

The kitchen has been subverted into a box along the staircase which has been graphically designed and inspired by Mondrian. This plays on the colours grey and yellow, dressing a space often under-used.

The bedroom and the living room are a tribute to Camondo. In their design Rosier displays the specificity and the connection between both architecture and design. Within the house, all spaces and facilities are singular, identified and precise, yet open to give a feeling of fluidity, freedom and ownership of the space.

The materials chosen by Rosier include hardwood floors, painted wood, credenza, concrete tiles and pottery, perfect for the creation of a beautiful and chic interior.

Julie Rosier Architecture