Beam&Block House
Monday 11 Aug 2014


Polish firm mode:lina architekci have recently transformed a 140 sq. m home for a couple and their varying needs. Beam&Block House is designed to utilise as much space as possible, with lots of storage options but ones that keep the interiors clutter free, and spaces very much open.

The architects built in hidden cupboards below the stairs that open with sliding doors and feature mirrored surfaces to enlarge the general area around them. There is even a dog house for the clients' faithful pet built subtly under the staircase.  

The couple tend to be extremely busy and rarely eat breakfast together, however they wanted an area for leisurely weekend dining with friends. An island for the kitchen was their dream, and so mode:lina installed a small one with stools to act as an informal breakfast bar. They placed a larger table behind this space for sit-down dinners with plenty of room for guests.

The minimalistic feel of the home moves through to the living area, with a discreet television and fireplace that blend into the dark walls. The walls are surrounded by a bright white frame, which runs throughout the house, dividing its areas and breaking up Scandinavian style concrete and wooden fixtures.

The darker shades are contrasted with an energetic yellow colour, which continues upstairs and into the bedroom. Here a full height wardrobe features, requested by the female client. The bathroom is small, yet still fits all the essential components in neatly for the couple, a successfully employed concept throughout the house which meets all the clients' needs in a stylish, modern and comfortable way.

mode:lina architekci

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