JOINT café and workspace
Monday 11 Aug 2014


The multidisciplinary design trio that make up Thailand-based 56th Studio have created a café-cum-workspace for what they have termed the ‘mobile' generation, freed from traditional office restraints and providing both a fully functioning and modern workspace with numerous areas for differing interactions and applications.

JOINT café and workspace is for ‘all', accommodating for varying interests and with multiple places in which to work. Flexibility is key in the design, which includes whiteboards that double as partitions and can join up to five meeting rooms, serving smaller meetings, workshops and even medium-sized seminars.

The interiors and décor are largely in white, establishing the sense of a blank canvas in which the users can run free as individuals, breathing life into the venue. The furniture in its eclectic style adds a necessary spin to boost curiosity and creativity.

In a subtle way, the concept of ‘work & play' is incorporated into the design, from the playful meeting tables and snooker club-inspired lighting to the co-working desks divided by Ping-Pong nets, as well as lamps that take cues from disco balls. While functional, these elements craft an enjoyable working atmosphere and encourage interactions among individuals in the space.  

Black and white pop art illustrations can be seen throughout JOINT, rendering the space suitable for both formal and casual gatherings. While business deals can of course be made here, artists, writers and designers alike will never find themselves at odds utilising this place for meetings and personal creative projects.  

56th Studio