La Bottega del Buon Caffè
Thursday 10 Jul 2014


The interior of La Bottega del Buon Caffè was created through designer Jeanette Thottrup's vision of combining elements of both classic and contemporary Tuscan style. Muted natural colours were chosen for the walls, applied using traditional painting techniques. For Thottrup, the walls of the restaurant became works of art in their own right.

With an emphasis on creating a calming, restful atmosphere, breathable paints were used in a palette of aqua, grey and green. A specialist team of Italian painters used a colour-wash method to achieve the gentle gradients of colour, softening the overall look and lending a timeless quality to the space.

Artist Peter Sheldon was enlisted to collaborate, flying out from the UK to paint his interpretation of the coastal town of Portofino on the wall. "I love the muted colours of the houses and the movement of the water," says Thottrup.

Other walls are inscribed with inspiring quotes in Italian calligraphy, all painted by hand, adding interest and a sense of fun to the interior.

Natural linen in shades of blue, green and grey complement the washed walls and frescos. Linen cushions bring comfort to the benches and window seats. The restaurant was accessorized with crisp, white table linen, over-sized globe-shaped ceramic vases in rich, vibrant green, and an abundance of antique candlesticks and fresh flowers.

The intention for Thottrup was to achieve a feeling of "relaxed elegance" so that when visitors step inside from the heat of the Florence streets they are met by a sense of calm and harmony.