Musk and Moss
Wednesday 09 Jul 2014


Design studio Jakob Gomez brought a strong, masculine aesthetic to this gentlemen's grooming parlor located in San Pedro Garza García in Mexico. The brand's new concept focuses on image assessment, style, personal care and providing men with an exclusive grooming consultation service.

The design concept was to draw upon a primitive cave as inspiration; Jakob Gomez wanted to create an interior which revived the idea of a classic barbershop, bringing it into the contemporary world. The design needed to encourage a connection between the client and their surroundings.

Each working station was designed around three elements. Mirrors fitted with perimeter LED lights were set in black stainless polished steel, suspended on the walls above wooden drawers which serve as work tables and storage for barber accessories.

The space in general used two main materials: polished concrete and granite. The granite defines the reception and work station, whilst the polished concrete unites the hair washing and accessories showcase area.

It was intended that the reception area would become an open, welcoming space. in which customers could interact. The presence of the guitar beside the leather couch adds the atmosphere of a living room, and it was hoped by the designers that these would encourage customers to relax and interact whilst they wait.

The graphic design concept for Musk & Moss was based on a series of hand drawings; sketches that communicate the style and primitive essence of the cave-like space. /the design concept focuses on the idea that the stylist is an artist and the customer is their work of art.

Jakob Gomez Studio

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