House of Sculpture
Tuesday 08 Jul 2014


One of the few remaining residences so close to Dufresne Regional Park, Valbourg is a house of strong narrative, born from the imagination of self-taught artist Robert Lachance. Rich in symbolism, it is a live-in sculpture that tells a story and leads visitors around the residence through connected, detailed spaces.

Defining himself as neither architect nor designer, Lachance approached this project with this usual artistic intuition; nothing planned, everything evolving.

As much a museum as it is a house, at first glance Valbourg is a web of chaotic angles; an environment brought to life by Lachance's vivid imagination. Organic beams slither across the living-room ceiling and explode into metal fingers that seem to claw their way into the wall. Wood and metal intertwine in a curved dance overhead.

Lachance adapts the space to accommodate personal and artistic expression, much in the spirit of Kurt Schwitters's Merzbau, integrating sculpture into the décor.

Robert Lachance