Le Samuel
Friday 09 May 2014


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A landmark in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu for the past 30 years, Le Samuel restaurant offers a brand new dining experience to its customers... new building, new branding, new chef, a gourmet cuisine, a wine bar, a lounge, an exterior terrace with a fireplace overlooking the Richelieu River. In other words: "the table is set for you"!

Our challenge: completely reinvent and redefine the customer experience! It's our multidisciplinary approach that conquered our client. They were looking for a team that would take their precious dream and transform it into an architectural concept. To transpose it into an interior design up to date, but also and mostly, make sure the customer experience will be memorable.

Thus, a complete metamorphosis was needed. From a false concrete wall, to laminated steel panels and mixed in with recycled barn wood, the design is breath-taking. Furthermore, the fireplace and the cellar are A2DESIGN proud creations. The out of the ordinary ambiance is enhanced with LED lighting that highlights each of the four main zones of the restaurant: the dining room, the lounges, the bar/tasting sections. And for the ultimate final touch, the magnificent outside terrace which overlooks the Richelieu River. We chose a wise mix of raw and contemporary materials, with warm tones and gold accents that brings out the sophisticated and chic concept. There were two important characteristics for this project. Firstly, we selected many localized products, such as the wooden floors and the exterior siding. Secondly, the recycled materials were used for the pyrographed tables, the wall, etc. By defining the client experience from the beginning of the project, it became easy to create the DNA of Le Samuel: logo, stationary, slogan, gift-card, VIP card, exterior signage, interior signage, coasters, menu, china... right up to the entrance and restroom ambiance scents, every detail was taken into consideration. All the major senses are put to work to provide a wonderful customer experience from every angle.

Everything was set up, so once re-opened and inaugurated; Le Samuel quickly gained notoriety in the restaurant market, with his elegant, sophisticated and contemporary design.

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