Green Falafel
Thursday 08 May 2014


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Creating an eco-friendly falafel place seems a contradictory brief; making ‘Fried Falafel’ sound both environmentally healthy and appealing on the market was not an easy job for C-Lab. However, with a concept of ‘Go Green’ and the use of 100% recycled material from roof to floor, C-Lab was able to respond to the client’s need to introduce an eco-friendly restaurant to its clients.

The architecture of this place and the design of course needed a budget, which required a bank loan. The bank has one condition, being that they would give a 0% rate if every single material used was recycled. So this is what C-Lab did; wood, counters, chairs, table, plates, wrapping papers and even painting are all recycled, and here lies the main challenge of the brief.

The result was satisfying for all four beneficiaries of the project: the client with his brief, the bank and their condition, the designers and their competences and the customers and their taste. With a high standard quality of falafel and a palpable contribution to environmental sustainability in a very cosy, homey, friendly and clean restaurant, the project resulted in a win win situation for everyone.

Creative Lab (c-lab)

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