Brasserie Angelique
Thursday 08 May 2014


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Located within the Jumeirah Hotel in the Etihad Towers precinct, the 1000 sq. m Brasserie Angelique, which opened in January 2013, has set a new benchmark for French Cuisine restaurants in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The French brasserie has long been known for informal French fare and welcoming, convivial settings; an informal yet sophisticated social gathering place for the neighbourhood from morning through to after five dining. A key element of the brief was to ensure the restaurant was able to create the appropriate atmosphere for both day and night guest experiences. The day to night offerings, despite being distinctly French are very different. Morning activities are anchored around clientele in transit, those in need of the morning essentials; great to-go coffee and patisseries, while lunch and the after five agenda embrace fine French dining; a highly social event which takes place over a number of hours. At the arrival point of the restaurant, a monumentally scaled, stone finished table is positioned ideally to display an assortment of culinary delights and provides all the cues for guest engagement from am to pm. In combination with this innovative planning solution, the lighting design was pivotal in achieving this seamless transition.

Dining takes place within a series of chic, French inspired settings which have been embellished with innovative, contemporary, humorous twists on traditional French interior detailing. The overall impact is elegant opulence, but the underlying humorous cues ensure the dining experience is jubilant and welcoming. The restaurant design solution embraces the French vernacular and translates these elements sensitively to suit the local context and culture without diluting the over the top, French humour which is the sub-text of the design narrative.

Each detail or element within the restaurant has been highly considered to ensure the guest experience is surprising, evocative and engaging. Innovative planning solutions provide private dining zones to respond to the local market dining style without breaking down the Brasserie concept; a restaurant which derives impact from being a bustling, lively and relatively open-plan venue. Furthermore, the materials strategy is playful and full of illusions; walls appear quilted using mosaic tiles, parasols upturned create beautiful lighting features capturing and dispersing light and the feature furniture pieces appear somewhat anatomical and alive. The design solution results in a highly unique French Brasserie character synergistic with the UAE local market.

The Brasserie Angelique has quickly become the premium location for locals to gather and share amusing conversation, delightful company and excellent food within a world class dining setting.