Soumaya Museum
Tuesday 22 Apr 2014


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The Soumaya Museum is home to a private art collection of nearly 70,000 works from the 15th to mid-20th century, including the world's largest private collection of Auguste Rodin sculptures. Programmed and designed by FR-EE, the museum reflects the eclectic taste of the collector, as well as his desire to create a new cultural institution for the public and the city.

The 150-foot tall structure rises at the heart of a new cultural and commercial district, Plaza Carso, in Mexico City-also planned and designed by FR-EE. The museum's form, a rotated rhomboid supported by 28 curved steel columns of varying size and shapes, is clad in a skin of 16,000 hexagonal mirrored-steel elements which reference the traditional colonial ceramic-tiled building facades and gives the museum a diverse appearance depending on the weather, time of day and the viewer's vantage point, while optimizing the preservation and durability of the entire building.

A seven-ring structural system creates cantilevers on multiple sides and stabilizes the museum's continuous six-level promenade of exhibition, presentation and gathering spaces. At the top floor, visitors enter a column-free exhibition hall filled with natural light. In addition to galleries, the Soumaya Museum includes a 350-seat auditorium, a library, a restaurant, a gift shop, and offices.                  

Museum buildings tend to be conceived either for maximum functionality - acting as neutral containers for art - or as iconic structures that represent a city at a particular historic moment. The Museo Soumaya was designed as both: a sculptural building that is unique and contemporary, yet one able to house a collection of international paintings sculptures, and decorative objects dating from the fourteenth century to the present. 

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