Palacio de Hierro - 125 Years of Style
Tuesday 22 Apr 2014


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The year 1888 marks the beginning of the history of ‘El Palacio de Hierro', Mexico's most emblematic department store, and since then it has been a reference of luxury, fashion and style in this country. 

To commemorate its 125th anniversary, ‘El Palacio de Hierro' displays the exhibition "125 Years of Style" in one of its most iconic buildings in the city: the Historical District. The central atrium of the store is transformed into a temporary museum that houses unique garments, images, objects, documents and videos that have been retrieved from the archives of ‘El Palacio de Hierro' as well as from private collectors. Nineteen window displays around the perimeter complement the journey through the history of 125 years, and each one represents key events in the evolution of the store from the beginning of its construction in 1888 until present day. 

A temporary steel structure was conceptualized that could be built in seven days, a three-dimensional grid that contains the stories which through its outward appearance narrates the metaphor of -an Iron Palace- in constant evolution and transformation. Fifty-six window displays are suspended in space, in their interior they tell the story of a country and a brand that has been by its side for more than a century promoting style and good taste; on the outside, floating boxes and its monochromatic language referring to the DNA of the brand; they become almost invisible golden mirrors reflecting the monumental stained glass window in the atrium as well as the moving images of constantly changing visitors, writing new stories to become participants in a geometric staging. The architectural beauty of the building is emphasized in a bilateral dialogue with the complexity of lines and the honesty of an iron structure that provides the framework to build the new speech of a brand that presents itself always respectful of its past but directed towards an avant-garde vision.

Esrawe Studio

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