Penthouse Downtown
Monday 03 Mar 2014


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From the start, it seemed that the magnificent view should become the focus of this project, completed in 2011. The client, a businessman who travels a great deal, wanted to live in a bright, warm loft-style apartment. Gestion René Desjardins suggested a space that would speak of calm and comfort but also look out over the continually changing showcase of the city.

Since the building was under construction, anything was possible. The space consisted of a 3,300 sq. ft unit assembled from two penthouses on the 23rd floor. As a point of departure, space intended for a corridor leading to one of the penthouses was added into the house, for mechanics and storage. That idea, from the client, was negotiated with the promoter. This meant that the main room could then take the form of a great pure rectangle spanning across the full length of the building, with full-height windows that would provide exceptional natural light.

Another demand was that the apartment comprises two zones: on one side, the shared areas and on the other, the private quarters. While entertaining, guests could never tell that the space was double the size of the main room. Window treatments received particular attention. Fabric combining natural fibres with threads of stainless steel - completely invisible when raised to keep full view of the cityscape - descends from the ceiling to temper the light and preserve privacy.

In the main room, a great interior wall of oak stained a charcoal grey forms the perfect backdrop, maximising the sense of space, hiding all the mechanics and two electrical pull-out storages, a must for the owner. The kitchen is simple yet has a very strong presence. The cabinets feature countertops of charcoal quartz and are faced in glass, creating bright surfaces that reflect the cityscape.

At the end of a corridor, a large wood wall is flanked by two wide doors leading to the father and son's personal quarters. The master suite includes two walk-in closets and a master bath that has a very refined feeling, with its heated white Calacatta marble floors and two curved alcoves finished in gold-leaf tiles with a floral pattern, behind which structural columns were hidden.

Surrounded by the sky and the ceaselessly changing light from the city beyond, one has the impression of being in a great airborne vessel that provides passengers with all the warmth of a home, yet the freedom of expansive views.

Gestion René Desjardins