Avenue Club @ Cafe Moskau
Wednesday 29 Jan 2014


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The nightclub Avenue created by Berlin based studio karhard®, is located in the basement of the protected historic monument Cafe Moskau, which was built in the beginning of the 1960s near Alexanderplatz in East-Berlin, during the GDR period.

The first thing that guests encounter in the main room is the massive lengthwise bar, made of prefabricated concrete sections and solid plates of brass. These specially created seats have been designed with a nod to the classic bar bench, with room for up to three persons each. They are upholstered in top quality orange leather. There is a designer lighting installation above the bar.

The dance floor is delimited by decorative wall elements made of interlaced strips of stainless steel and brass, and is lit from above by a set of cleverly designed light fittings. In order to compensate for the slightly cramped headroom, these are fitted with reflective and semi-reflective illuminated elements.

A movable metal screen, likewise fitted with the latest in LED technology, allows the size of the dance floor to be adjusted. The petrol blue colour of the leather upholstery in the chillout area next to the dance floor reflects its name, the Blue Lounge, and there are pigeonhole style shelves for users' personal belongings. This area also adjoins a small bar with a terrazzo countertop.

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