Restaurant Il Vino, Paris 7
Friday 24 Jan 2014


Architects Emma Donnersberg and Michel Amar have collaborated to create a beautiful new Parisian restaurant. The restaurant Il Vino, located in the 7th district of Paris, is the first one star restaurant of Enrico Bernardo, who is renowned for being one of the best wine stewards in the world. Donnersberg enjoys providing clientele with the sophistication of an earlier time whilst still maintaining a fresh, highly energised environment. As such, for the interior decoration, the design duo developed a theatrical architecture in order to put the client and customers alike in the best years of the Dolce Vita.

Their design perspectives complemented each other perfectly and Donnersberg and Amar were able to operate with  perfect equilibrium. They mixed influences both organic and sophisticated, in order to give elegance and warmth to the restaurant. What pulls the restaurant together, and becomes almost the DNA of the place, is a fresco of gold, black and cream. This fresco highlights the total eclecticism of the project and translates the unique aspects that the designers wanted to combine to give Il Vino its unique aesthetic.

Emma Donnersberg Interiors