Checkpoint Charlie
Wednesday 22 Jan 2014


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Berlin, the Cold war, West and East, socialism, capitalism, liberalism, the social movement, artistic eras, a historical and economical frame work, and a music booth which caused the melting of immigration restriction, this was a dense brief for a simple concept: ‘the dichotomy in the nature of a space'. It is one that makes for a somewhat schizophrenic architecture, but also allows all of these themes to be kept in a singular space.

Multiple were the challenges of this project, starting with just 45 days given for design and execution. Nevertheless, the deadline was still a small detail given that C-Lab had only one material for all of their displays, which needed to reflect contradictory backgrounds. For example, the table on the east side was to appear cheap and economical, while on the west side it needed to be chic and elegant.

The result is a schizophrenic place, yet still coherent, using one scale that is unified under the Berlin Map on the ceiling and the DJ Booth in the middle, which plays music for both sides of the place east or west. In the end, nothing breaks contradictions like music and nothing makes enemies sit at each other's table other than a glass of wine.


Creative Lab (c-lab)

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