Boema Restaurant
Friday 10 Jan 2014


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The BOEMA restaurant, a project by Corvin Cristian, is located in an historic building dating back to 1860 Cluj (Klausenburg). The building underwent major restoration and structural reinforcement, with the restaurant now occupying the space that was once the ballroom. Whilst all original decorative features vanished during the Communist era, Cristian aimed to remain reverent to the past in this contemporary design.

Inspiration came from visiting a nearby 1440 Gothic Cathedral landmark. The gothic wainscot was replicated, but beyond this detail the design composition was based on irony, freshness and contrasts.

The wainscot is painted in a surprisingly non-gothic blue-green colour disruptive by its freshness to the sobriety of the gothic shapes but a close relative to the German-Hungarian green to be found on the doors and windows along the street. The 1960s Scandinavian-style furniture matches and complements the Gothic elements, due to its shared elegance and lightness of structure.

The roughness of the exposed old ceiling beams is counterpointed by the elegant marble bar counter, the massive industrial aluminum pendants stand up in front of the gothic delicate arches, the opulent main room gets more value by its vicinity to the rustic one. The rough reclaimed wood high table adds an informal touch to the otherwise elegant setting in front of the Austrian stove. The lighting adds a dramatic theatrical feeling through the carefully placed narrow beam projectors and the unreal halo from the multitude of hidden LEDs.

The custom designed chairs in the rustic room are a contemporary interpretation of the Austrian traditional but in CNC cut plywood with legs inspired by Eames's.

Corvin Cristian

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