Studio Hermès
Thursday 09 Jan 2014


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Studio Hermès is a club and restaurant featuring a variety of shows from cabaret to live bands. The design responds to acoustic requirements, hence the look recalling a 1960s audition hall.

Other design elements, while remaining contemporary, follow the same mid-century modern line. The onyx bar, velvet sofas, brass cymbals and walnut wainscot counterpoint the bare concrete and exposed piping.

The design challenge for Corvin Cristian was to respond to a concept rarely seen before (a combined restaurant, club, cabaret and live music venue), to integrate the new façade in the old elevation of the street while keeping obvious that it is a contemporary intervention, to create a contemporary but warm space.

Key materials used in the interior include walnut solid wood and American walnut veneered MDF, teak technical flooring, white marble and concrete.

Studio Hermès is located in Bucharest's historical centre and takes its name from an old movie theatre that was formerly located at the same address.

Corvin Cristian

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