Tuesday 19 Nov 2013


LATITUDE has been commissioned to explore the possibilities of combining the functions of a standard coffee shop settlement with the idea of public visual art.

The space is organised with two floors. The first floor has been opened up by erasing the façade, thus becoming an extension of the public space. Inside, the visitor can find two areas: the come-and-go area (fast) and the relaxing area (slow). The first one is characterised by the use of high tables and chairs next to the service area which is a longitudinal-lighting box wrapped by white glass. The slow area is designed with low tables, and an embedded bench into steel furniture all along the wall. These two areas are divided by a longitudinal-steel furniture which incorporates an orchestrate disposition of mirrors and projectors that will create a visual illusion.

The second floor is featured by its circular shape. This form has been used for the purpose of creating a centric space where lighting plays an identity role.

As a result, the coffee shop transcends the basic function of serving coffee and beverages into a public living room.  Chief designer Manuel Zornoza's idea was to provoke visitors into having different emotions due to the design of those atmospheres.

Latitude Studio

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